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Solutions Consulting

Exchange Solutions Consulting is the business consulting division of the Exchange Group, a Canadian-based Company that has been providing world-class professional services and solutions since 1962.

We pride ourselves in providing significant and extensive experience in all the consulting Solutions to our clients through the strength of our Team Members. 

Our Solutions are designed through years of successful client projects all of

which increase their financial results and operational value.

Our Exchange Solutions Group are all seasoned professionals with long experience in business and consulting.  We have as individuals managed businesses, divisions of large corporations and service organizations and have in many instances managed the start up of very successful enterprises.


We have extensive experience managing projects successfully. Our high level of experience gives us the advantage of a short learning curve and a greater depth of understanding of the types of issues faced by our clients.                                                 


Although our past experience is valuable, we are on a continuous path of constantly upgrading our knowledge and skills to keep abreast of evolving industry initiatives and technology.                   

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