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Value Add Services

EXG has a long history of providing Client Value Services to our clients that has resulted in increased client business value.

Whether you are a single owner start up business or a long established multi-location or multi-national organization, our professionals have the depth of experience and knowledge to provide services that will increase the success and value of our organization.

Succession Planning
Planning your organization’s short and long term future success needs to begin now with a review of your ownership and / or management succession planning.

Whether you are an owner preparing for the transition to family ownership or new non-family ownership or a corporation that requires employee management transition, succession planning is essential.

At EXG, we have the experience in the transition planning required for an effective succession to new ownership and management. The following are the keys to successful succession planning:

Tax Planning. Minimizing your tax implications for you and your family is key for short-term and

long-term implications.

Business Valuation. Ensuring you receive fair valuation of your business with integrated tax planning

is essential.

Retirement Planning. Providing income / cash flow for you and your family makes the succession

planning process clearer.

Transfer of Management. Identifying your successors well in advance and developing their management

skills to run the business successfully for the future provides you the comfort of knowing the business will


Business Planning and Financial Forecasts
Key for start up or long establish organizations is short and long term planning. Our professionals have assisted numerous organizations develop their business plans for both strategic direction as well as capital fund raising purposes.  Securing new or alternative financing can be critical to your business. At EXG, we can provide future-oriented financial information in the form of projections or forecasts. 

Business Effectiveness / Internal Control Assessments
Assessing the business effectiveness and strength of your internal controls for specific business departments, areas or processes can be instrumental in improving the profitability and / or reducing losses for your organization.

We identify any process and internal control weaknesses and provide the direction to make the improvements required for operating effectiveness.


Key Performance Measurement 
Performance measurement provides the benchmarks and analysis required to identify areas of improvement for your organization and guide you to achieving your goals. Our professionals have assisted clients for many years in designing Key Performance Measurements to have lead to their financial success.

Public Companies
The Exchange Group LLP is registered with the Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) and the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB). EXG has extensive experience working with public companies to meet their securities requirements.


Valuations / Litigation Support
EXG has assisted many clients with valuations and / or litigation support situations. We have trained and experienced professionals who are independent and can provide support to your organization in any one of the following areas:

Buy / sell agreements 
Shareholder disputes
Business interruption 
Matrimonial property disputes 
Tax and estate planning 
Arbitration / mediation 
Quantification of damages 
Goodwill valuations 
Fairness opinions 

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