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CEO Message

Mike Stevens    CPA    CA

CEO | Managing Partner

Exchange Group has as its sole purpose the objective of continually creating value for our clients. We adopt dignified, aggressive and completely professional services that at all times act in accordance with the highest standards of ethical conduct.

Our Team Members are proud to be part of the firm.  They enjoy an excellent work environment, an opportunity for professional advancement and personal growth and involvement in the decision making process within the firm. There is a high level of mutual trust and respect amongst all Team Members and our Clients. Every person within the firm understands and subscribes to the Mission of the firm and the role they play in accomplishing that Mission that is designed for Client success. 


The firm continues to be innovative in our service line development and will be guided by our principal purpose to continually create value for our present and future clients. The services offered by the firm are clearly defined, highly structured and delivered in accordance to the value they represent to the client.  Each service line provides maximum value to our clients in its functional area.  

Exchange Group difference is that our Service Power goes beyond traditional professional service organizations by adding business success experience and expertise in every engagement. 

Exchange Group provides a unique blend of experience and expertise to meet our client’s professional services requirements including accounting, assurance, tax, business consulting advisory solutions and technology solutions including our global server centre.

As one of the Partners at Exhange Group, I wish each and every one of our Clients and Team Members continued success and personal growth into the future.

We are Exchange Group - We are on the move... 


Mike Stevens FCPA | FCA.IT | CFE
CEO | Managing Partner
Exchange Group

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