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Strategic Planning

Our professionals in the Solutions Group have extensive experience in Business and IT strategic planning.  We have an exhaustive list of client references that we have provided facilitated strategic planning services.  We have facilitated over 1,200 sessions for clients throughout North America.

Facilitation is the best known technique of “Process Consulting”.  The facilitator’s role is designed to elicit the information and consensus that already resides within a group.  This differs from traditional consulting approaches, where the consultant is the “content expert” in a given field and is asked to supply answers to the problem directly.

In Facilitation, the process consultant leads the group through a series of exercises that stimulate creativity and the sharing of ideas.  Facilitation techniques differ; in general, however, they tend to “surround” problems through understanding the perspectives of various participants, then working to align those perspectives into a single consensus solution.

In the context of Strategic Planning, Facilitation is a methodology, or process, that assists individuals and groups in efficiently and effectively designing and modifying complex strategic plans.  It is a set of activities that helps a client company develop and achieve its own outcomes rather than accepting outcomes developed and presented by external sources.  It helps groups to define a series of actions to transform their present problem state into a desired future state.

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Facilitator:  A trained consultant who guides both the process and the technology.

Facilitation Methodology:  A structures process composed of learnable steps and skills.  The process leads to a shared understanding of desired results, necessary tasks, and effective relationships.


Facilitation Technology:  A computer hardware and software system, called CoNexus InterAct.  CoNexus InterAct uniquely enhances the ability to analyze and visually represent the opinions of client participants.


Our CoNexus group electronic voting system provides for instant prioritized results with all participants involved in the priority setting resulting in buy-in by the management team. 

The term Facilitation means an Exchange Group Facilitator who utilizes the Facilitation Methodology and CoNexus InterAct to help clients succeed.

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