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Claims Administration

EXG provides comprehensive Claims Administration Services working with Claimants, Class Counsels, Governments and other Plaintiffs and Defendants. 


The following summarizes EXG's key services for Class Action Claims Administration:

As Claims Administrator, EXG:

1.  Works with Class Counsel to identify the best methods of giving notice and facilitating the settlement distribution.


2.  Inquiries made by Claimants and Claims Administrator responses via 1-800 number, mail, email, and fax.


3.  Designs, developments, and hosts dedicated Claims Administration websites including:

  • Relevant court documents.

  • Case updates.

  • Filing instructions.

  • Claim portal and claim forms (electronic and manual) in accordance with the court-approved settlement.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

  • 1-800 Claimant Call Centre for the claim portal and FAQ support.

EXG Claims Review and Quality Assurance:


4.  Triage System to assign Claims to appropriate Claim Specialists' level.


5.  Each claim is assigned a Claim Services Supervisor and Claim Specialist(s) to process and review all claims.


6.  Reconcile any claim errors, factual inconsistencies, and other deviations that result in variances in claimed losses, including reject claims.


7.  Every claim receives a thorough and ongoing Quality Assurance review.


8.  Monitor and mitigate potential fraudulent claims.


9.  Provides interim reporting to the Class Counsels and the Courts as required.


10. Securely stores all data, including personal information.

EXG Fund Management and Distribution:

11. Queues and executes Court-approved payment awards, tracks and reports on fund distribution activity.


12. During the distribution process, EXG:

  • Reconciles accounts and manages tax reporting related to the settlement funds account.

  • Manages and reports on settlement funds account.

  • Provides and tracks any Court-approved payments with a reconciliation to the Claimant and Court.

  • Provides complete Trust Accounting services.

  • Provides payment options.

At Claims Administration closure, EXG:

13. Documents custody transfer to the Court and Class Counsels as required.

14. Full Trust Accounting, including all Disbursements.

15. Return of Settlement amounts (if any) that are not distributed to Claimants based on the Court-approved Settlement Agreement.

16. Call Center closure.

17. Website updated with the closure of the Claims Administration.

Current Claims Administrations include:

Lake Manitoba 2011 Flood Class Action Settlement

Children's Special Allowance Class Action Settement

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