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More than ever, financial statements must be relevant, reliable, and independently reviewed which reflect your organization's activities. Our Assurance team also knows your organization and that your organization must receive maximum value beyond simply reporting numbers.

We go beyond basic financial statements and provide you with meaningful, reliable analysis of your business to assist you in making business decisions.

Our team can help you meet all your Assurance requirements:


Our Audit team follows Canadian generally accepted auditing standards as well as ensure our internal quality control policies and procedures are followed in providing you with an audit opinion.  


In addition to helping you meet statutory and other requirements, we provide valuable advice as part of every engagement on how you can improve your internal control and identify opportunities for you to operate your business more efficiently. 


A review engagement provides clients and the readers of their financial statements with limited assurance that the financial statements are presented fairly in accordance with applicable standards.

Many times an audit is not a requirement; we advise our clients when it is required or advantageous to have an audit. In many instances it is not, and as such we provide a less costly solution in a Review.  Contact us to see where we can help to lower your Assurance costs.


When all a client requires is financial statements that are based on the financial information contained in your internal systems, EXG can meet your compilation needs and assemble your information into professionally prepared financial statements.

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