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Board Governance

Governance is changing for corporations, large and small – and for not-for-profit enterprises as well.

Our Board Governance Model is a practical approach to good governance that adapts well understood risk management for use at the board level. 

•  Significantly enhance your value as a board member or Board Chair.

•  Retain the separation between the Board's domain and the CEO's / operational domain. 

•  Help you manage director's liability by invoking the protection of the    business Judgment rule 

•  Help you exercise your independence and still have our board operate    as a supportive team 

•  Help you meet your obligations to the new standards of accountability


Major changes to your board processes might seem an overwhelming task.


The chair, the CEO, and directors have limited time.


Asking directors to reconsider their role on the board may seem unrealistic for the same reasons.


The levels of diligence required by the new standards will be more easily achieved, with better use of board and management time.

The separation of the roles of the board and CEO will be more distinguishable.

The board's ability to hold the CEO accountable will be enhanced.

The board's contribution to the company's health and profitability should increase.

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