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Our History

The Exchange Group is a Manitoba, Canada company founded in 1962 as, “Wintemute, Randle, Kilimnik, Chartered Accountants”

We expanded in 1982 to include a consulting firm and reorganized and rebranded in 2000 to form The Exchange Group which includes:

The Exchange Chartered Accountants LLP

The Exchange Solutions Inc.

In 2011, began expansion to rural offices within the Province of Manitoba.

In 2015, we relocated our Head Office to 1 - 554 St. Mary's Road, Winnipeg, Canada.

In 2016 we rebranded ourselves to simply Exchange Group operating as one unit providing comprehensive and consolidated services to our clients.

We are extremely proud of our growth as one of the largest local professional services firm providing a unique blend of experience and expertise to meet our client’s professional services requirements.

​Our strategic direction provides our clients with professional services and personnel to perform engagements and projects balancing business and technical knowledge necessary that provide the highest impact service.

With more than 40 individual partners, associates, consultants and team members, Exchange Group is one of the most successful professional services firm with our clients continuing to benefit from our services. As well, we have experienced significant growth through our clients’ continued recommendations of our firm to other new clients.

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