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Co-Location Hosting

In today's fast changing technological environment, more and more organizations are utilizing secure

Co-Location Hosting data centres in order to add value to the organization and / or reduce their operating costs while maintaining management and end user information technology support services.

Reliable Secure Proven - Hosting and Technology Server Centre for 45 years

We have a significant number of clients that utilize our Data Center as their primary site for their key applications due to the service and network performance we provide to our hosting clients.   
The Global Server Centre’s business-class Data Center is one of the most reliable and secure technical infrastructures in the hosting industry today. 
Our significant number of Network Providers and redundancy ensures that even in the event of a catastrophic “act of nature”, Global Server Centre will maintain connectivity to the Internet.


For clients who prefer to own and manage their own hardware equipment and operating systems, Global Server Centre provides the conditioned space, secure racks and mulitple network connectivity and cross-connectivity on a rental basis. 

This allows the client personnel to manage their own hardware and operating systems without having to invest in a physical conditioned server room facility nor acquire and manage redundant network connections.