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1 - 554 St. Mary's Road


Canada R2M 3L5


Telephone: 1-204-943-4584

Fax: 1-204-957-5195


Global Server Centre is the premier provider of the VoicePeer.net VoIP phone solution in Canada. The VoicePeer.net system is designed for business, residential, installed or hosted environments.

At Global Server Centre, we provide both primary and redundant site for VoicePeer.net systems. We provide organizations the ability to replace their traditional proprietary phones systems with the VoicePeer.net system.

Hosted Voice Services

For small to medium-sized organizations, Global Server Centre provides the VoicePeer.net hosted VoIP solution.


This allows organizations to simply install VoIP-based handsets and a basic router within their network and the system automatically connects to the Global Server Centre shared hosted server which provides all the features and benefits of a VoIP solutions without incurring the full system cost.

For more info on how VoicePeer.net can help increase your business and / or reduce your costs, please contact us at info@voicepeer.net